The Political is Personal

It is commonplace in our political climate to impugn the motives of political agents. We like to find some form or fashion to dismiss the rhetoric of someone on the opposing side of the political debate. It makes us feel as though the other side is morally inferior and can be dismissed as such. So, in this little piece, I would like to attempt to explain what relationship my personal life has to my political life.

I grew up as a liberal, and so I was curious during my development to explore the milieu of the Left. I wanted to engage in some of the same activities and find ideas to inspire participation in such activities. I was naive in my approach to these activities and thought I was pursuing a path to overcome the oppression these activities were meant to allow me to do. I pursued many activities that would have traditionally been regarded as unhealthy, let alone wrong, but the environment around me never told me how these activities would truly shape my life in a negative form.

When I discovered certain right-wing ideas, however, they told me that there might be really negative consequences for my behavior. Not only were these activities frivolous distractions from better, more vital ones, but they also reflected an essentially selfish attitude towards life. I did not want to live such a life empty of true connections and healthy paths, so I began to search for inspiration, which I had previously lacked, for leading a life of virtue.

I have found many sources for self-improvement these past several years. Some of them involve podcasts and YouTube channels by educators or entrepreneurs. Others have been religious and philosophical texts written by people long held to be wise. And still others have been stories and biographies of great men who have come before and accomplished great things. I have tried to find every resource I needed to move forward in my life. But there have been others who impugn even the notion of trying to make yourself stronger and more competent. They would prefer the best of us to suffer rather than trying to do the full extent of trying to make your life better without having to beg or destroy to get what you want.

Not only is the general attitude one of essential petulance, but underlying is hardcore neomarxist doctrine. Instead of honoring and valuing the contributions and efforts of many great figures, they say that these figures were essentially thieves and parasites from whom we have little to honor and primarily to scorn and disparage. Thus all of the activities that made these great figures successful are regarded as myths by the most cynical shades of meaning. And so the stories that have motivated us towards success in our own lives become dead letter in our minds, leaving us with no guidance towards a better future, a future in which we are healthy enough to interact in a healthy manner with wider society, instead of tearing the society apart in order to reap the benefits of scavenging the remaining shards of value as vultures descend upon leftover entrails.

Thus I take it upon myself to lift the full burden of my own existence and train my existential muscles to handle its weight. Jordan Peterson said that either everything that happens has meaning, or nothing has meaning. I have tried to take up that burden, but it is hard. We live in a very selfish, unhealthy age, in which our desires reign supreme as sacred ideologies, justifying the most absurd manifestations of narcissism, but I want to endeavor to at least stay true to my own principles.  


Donald Trump Must Earn His Mandate

Well, it seems almost like a dream, as though the world has turned upside down and conventional wisdom has been thrown out of the window. But one thing has not changed: Voters want politicians to live up to campaign promises and pursue an agenda in the interests of the electorate. Otherwise they would not have voted for their chosen candidate.

It might seem weird to say this, as though there are paradoxes at play at every level, but Donald Trump now assumes the position of someone with authority and power. People want him to execute his position in their favor. The paradox involves calling him the New Establishment. But we all know that the President cannot wield his power as though her were God. There are always multiple vectors of influence imposing themselves upon him. But the president and his power is itself a vector of power. That’s why being the president does not necessarily mean that he becomes a fully fledged defender of all vectors.

But certain people will always consider him fully responsible for the condition of the country, and living up to campaign promises while improving the condition of the country is bound to resound in favor of his reputation.

What would allow the public to breathe a breath of fresh air and welcome the change embodied in a Trump Presidency?

First, we have to have normal relations with the rest of the world. As much as I used to believe in its ideology, but neoconservatism has run out of historical force. Liberalism is also in decline as a sustainable project. We cannot therefore be grandiose about imposing a grandiose vision of the world. The American public is also quite fatigued and cynical and disheartened by our many Pyrrhic victories abroad. It would do Trump well to abide by his nationalist foreign policy.

There are many groups of people, particularly among the white working class, who have been taught by their parents to expect a bigger and better future of their own. But that is turning out more and more not to be the case. In fact, it has crushed many souls, allowing the Devil to take command of their unoccupied hands. Many white men figure that the elites find them dispensable. This has to turn around. What is needed is a leader to give them back their livelihoods and sense of purpose. If Trump would be able put this in effect, he would be rewarded with the loyalty of a great swathe of people.

Drain the swamp. Politicians have always had a certain reputation, with many jokes told about their lack of frankness. This does not even touch the level of cynicism right now, though, with the institutions we hold in common. Congress often polls in the single digits. Interest group after interest group gives their talking points while experiencing media coverage. And don’t forget all the lobbyists that patrol the halls of Congress and write legislation. A change in this system would strike a blow against cynicism. If Trump were to actually fulfill many of his campaign promises, it would give the public reassurance. Prosecutions for extreme conflicts of interest would also tell the public that there were things that would not be tolerated any longer. This would reawaken the spirit for public service.

These three issues, if pursued with purpose, would put Trump in the favor of more people. It would mean that people could see their whole outlook on live transformed after Trump’s attack upon the systemic consensus that had emiserated their lives. They will see in Trump the possibility of something besides upside-down decline that had begun to sieze them. Trump must earn this mandate.

How Nationalism Will Beat Modern Liberalism

Man cannot live by ideology alone. There must be a family to care for him. There must be a neighborhood of opportunity. And there must be a society of trust. All three of these levels of reality have manifested to create a situation in which people can feel themselves appropriately part of something greater than themselves, lest they become atoms seeming to be flung aimlessly into space.

Proponents of modern liberalism, an ideology underpinned by notions of modernity applied to the state and postmodernity applied to individuals, claim that certain absolute ideas, abstracted from human rationality, could manifest themselves as Platonic forms coming down from heaven. These Platonic forms could describe the logic and form of reality, but they cannot animate reality itself. For that, we must inquire not only into the realm of matter, but also the realm of soul.

For atoms operate by the laws of physics, molecules operate by the laws of chemistry, and life operates by the laws of biology. Thus we see that logic, operating as it does by mathematical precision, can be used to describe things in motion, but it cannot propel things on its own. For that, the laws must manifest themselves within us. We can describe heaven, but we must operate by the laws of the earth.

Thus we can see how abstract notions cannot be simply imposed upon society. Rather than enhancing life, abstractions could deaden it, as a logical recipe could fail contact with the taste pallet. Then imagine we add requirements that obviate all ingredients in the recipe. Let us add the demands of equality and diversity. Thus, not only do we add every single ingredient in the pantry, we ensure that it all becomes homogenized in our tasteless melting pot. This does not even touch upon the inherent contradictions between equality and diversity in the first place. Even in their heavenly mindset, there cannot be the diversity of difference coinciding with the sameness of equality.

Thus we cannot simply leave the earth and abandon our families, as the Divine One would have of us, but we must find within us the impulse to survive, maintain, and reproduce, so that the natural order around us does not atrophy out of ascetic abstraction. We know that it is dishonorable and self-destructive to abandon one’s family in battle, so it must also to varying degrees be dishonorable and self-destructive to abandon one’s neighborhood and society in battle. Whether for good or ill, you have depended upon them, and it cannot be maintained by freeloaders.

As the current ideological dialectic takes place, we know which side coincides with nature. Modern liberalism will not survive the superior fitness of nationalism. Only one of them knows how to survive.

An Open Letter to Those Who Hate the Right, part 2

I wrote in my previous post that we would consider how IQ factors into this discussion. In order to do that, though, we have to understand how IQ factors into educational attainment.

This is an issue that presents us with the typical tension between considering a certain behavioral pattern a consequence of innate natural characteristics or considering a certain behavioral pattern a consequence of how the environment molded a certain person, usually called “nurture.” It is typically very difficult for scientists to tease out, let alone completely isolate certain traits versus learned behavior. But there are certain basic understandings they have concluded that we should acknowledge first, of we want to have a good orientation to the topic.

According to information that is easily gathered on the Web, there is good evidence to suggest that IQ can explain a lot of (read: significantly) educational attainment.

First, I will provide a scholarly overview of the information we can find regarding IQ and educational attainment:

As can be seen from the article, educational attainment is intricately associated with someone’s intelligence as measured by IQ exams. We can see numbers ranging from a correlation of around 0.5, which fulfills most definitions of statistical significance, to almost 1.0, which shows completely parallel association. Also in the scholarly overview is the fact that the consensus among scientists is that about seventy percent of someone’s IQ can explain someone’s educational attainment in adulthood.

IQ and educational attainment not only go hand in hand; the former is a powerful explanation of the latter.

As a result of understanding this information, we can see that IQ is something that we need to understand if we want to understand the education of a population of people. In some ways, the IQ of a certain population can explain the educability of said population. Whatever the collective IQ of a population is, the collective IQ can explain how a population lacks the numbers of people to attain education to fill ordinary positions of responsibility as well as higher positions of authority and scholarship.

As a corollary, I would suggest strongly that having a strong civilization depends upon the ability to educate the population upon whom the civilization is built. We don’t get marvelous architecture without architects with the genius to imagine nor without competent builders to follow directions and master techniques. Neither do we get the rule of law without the citizens to understand the law and intelligent scholars to legislate and adjudicate the law. We can see how our civilizational fate is tied to the IQ of our people.

In my next post, I will show how liberalism relates to this civilizational progress.

An Open Letter to Those Who Hate the Right

If you don’t consider yourself a conservative or reactionary, then you probably have a lot of ideas about people who describe themselves as such. You might think of these people as possessing a certain mindset and intellectual ability. You might characterize this condition as a lack of nuance, open-mindedness, and vision. You might think people of this disposition are mean and simple people who don’t deserve to inherit the world of the Twenty-First Century.

While you were growing up, you may have encountered these people as bullies who were eager to compensate for their lack of vision with an instinct for animalistic domination. It became a matter of pride that you disassociated yourself from those for whom you had grown disdain. You grew a conviction that you would overturn their power over you someday, and you swore eternal vigilance against them. They would not inherit the Twenty-First Century.You may have seen the history of your own societies as being dominated by the people for whom you have grown disdain. You may also desire to overturn the historical legacy as well.

Thus, when people outside your own identity group complain about parts of your society that supposedly affect them adversely, you will tend to blame those upon whom you have become habituated to placing blame. You call these little villains of history white men, and you accuse them of upholding Patriarchal White Supremacy. This is the thing for which you have directed your disdain.

But you have not yet experienced the world of the outsider you have presumed to accept as a fellow victim of those you disdain. You have made the assumption that since you are a wellspring of nuance who is reacting against a brutish bully, that the same dynamics are at play when outsiders complain about those you disdain. This is a huge assumption.

What you may want to consider is whether those for whom you sympathize may have many of the traits you have grown to disdain about those who have adversely affected your own life. This possibility does put you in an odd position, seeing as understanding this possibility means that you would have to consider being more sympathetic towards those for whom you have grown disdain, rather than those who complain in a style they may have learned from your own complaints.

Those who complain in your style could be just as mendacious, just as brutish, and just as mentally dull as those you grew to disdain. In fact, they are probably a more extreme example of behavior you disdain. In fact, if you look more closely at their behavior, you may see that they adopt your style of resistance in a way that seems to be a pale imitation of your own approach. They do not display your nuance at all.

In my next post, I will consider how IQ might relate to this phenomenon.

In Defense of Ideology

Every human being is born with an idea. It may come from an image of something they saw, or it may come from an sound that continues to echo within. But it is an irrepressible occurrence that animates the human being. Indeed, the word animal shares its origin with the word animus, which has a spiritual, as opposed to material, connotation.

It can be seen, therefore, that generating ideas is a fundamental impulse of all animals, even beyond the human being. But let us continue to restrict our discussion to the human being.As human beings, we are capable of communicating our ideas in the form of language. Language, in an of itself, cannot be understood as a collection of atoms. Trying to reduce it do material particles would totally destroy any understanding of language itself. We could even say that language, in and of itself, is essentialist, meaning that each word conveys an essence of a thing.

As we put our minds to work in refining our understanding of these essences, we naturally create mental systems to show how these essences can be put together to form sentences and paragraphs. If we attempt to bring our linguistic constructions to the high standard of aphorism, they become ideologies.

Thus ideologies become evermore refined animating mental constructions that bolster our platform in the world. If ever you have sought the advice of an old book or old friend, then you know the power of ideas. Ideology just treats ideas in a more systematic and coherent manner, instead of seeing no relationship between the ideas that challenge you throughout your life.

Ideology is thereby able to bring the reality we experience into clearer and clearer relief, allowing us to see actionable meaning throughout our days. Otherwise our animal impulses would continue to be of an unrefined and primitive character that would not represent the high potential of intelligent life.

We can see how ideology is actually a very important part of all of our lives, giving us a chance to elevate ourselves with evermore sophisticated understandings that can help us avoid errors that may prove to be disaster or folly. So we can see how, if we are affected by ideology, then everyone else is as well.

Against Technocracy: A Response to Stardusk

This essay is meant to respond to some of the points brought up in the following conversation .  I encourage everyone to listen to it for themselves, as it is a quite fruitful conversation.

Among those who consider themselves the enemy of political correctness, there is a tendency toward aseptic notions of individual agency and a neglect of the role spirituality plays in creating a viable society. I have played my role in advancing these notions myself in the past, so I can sympathize with those who continue to neglect wider visions of human nature and drive. I intend this little essay as an attempt to convince my fellow independent thinkers, if I may be so bold, to expand their worldviews.

The first acknowledgement on my part is that I am not an island anchored to the earth. There are many things that shake me throughout my life and many things that have pushed and pulled me in certain life trajectories. I know that when I have tried to pull myself away from what I thought were unnecessary familial and cultural baggage, that meant I was forsaking a vast network of meaning and support.I say meaning because it stains my credulity to believe that alienating oneself from one’s family doesn’t have a profound impact upon someone’s life. Indeed, it can mean that one has given up the possibility of having a family of one’s own. I think a lot of confidence can come from knowing that we are part of a strong line of families going back ages. It leaves little material to doubt that one has the basic biological capacity to reproduce healthy children.

This understanding can also have a profound corollary that can extend into the understanding of society at large. If we understand the way in which having a strong line of ancestry can have on our personal lives, then surely that can be extended to understanding how a social group having a strong line of ancestry can serve to reinforce trust and morale within the social group. This opens the window to understanding the importance of ethnic and racial pride. We can see how racial pride can be a very pro-social behavior, building deeper connections rather than the shallow connections in our instrumental and transient modern social milieu.

But even strong societies can begin to take things for granted, seeming to believe that they do not have to work hard to fulfill their destinies. In our modern and postmodern world, we can see how a failure to instill a sense of transcending the material conditions of this world is necessary for the maintenance of a happy life and a continually viable civilization.

To find a small analogy, let us consider what happens when children inherit a lot of money but have not received the wisdom from their parents not to squander the inheritance. We easily see rich brats blowing all the money away and making their lives into hyper-materialist wastelands. If we extend this analogy to society at large, we can see how degeneracy easily extends from material overabundance and spiritual vacuums. So we see cosmetic surgery and fashion fad after fashion fad.

This means that our society rises and falls with the trends of the market, with little holding us together besides the quest for more stuff. We therefore need more than material to sustain us. In fact, I would dare to say that we need something spiritual to sustain us. We all from time to time seek spiritual counsel for problems that we face in our lives. It may be googling for inspiration, it may be reading self-improvement material, or it may be reading an ancient text that seems to show us how timeless our problems are.

But we know that it is easier when we know we are not endeavoring for spiritual edification on our own. Having a support structure and a commonality of purpose can make efforts seem much more connected to the world around us. Such an atmosphere can be quite encouraging of behavior across society and can make common projects much easier to undertake.

We know that pure logic is not enough to motivate people. People, including you and I, have a need to believe in something beyond themselves, whether it is a personal project, ideal, or god. In such an event, it is imperative that we provide a strong myth to motivate us to become greater and greater human beings, something that would allow us to see beyond the material conditions of the here and now. We need myths that sanctify the connections such as family, community, and race, for the reasons already touched upon, so organized spiritual practices become evermore important to allowing the transcendent element of the human soul strengthen the connectivity.

It was difficult for me to make these connections myself, intellectually and personally, but I have seen these connections strengthen and weaken in my own life. I have had my fair share of struggles, just as I am sure you have as well. I am just trying to share my thoughts in hopes that it might resonate with others of common situations, seeing as I am in all but name a MGTOW. I very much enjoy your videos and hope to hear more great discussions between you and your guests.


The Alt Right Is Not Ready for the Long March

There are presently two major issues in the Alt Right. The first one involves questions about who gets to define the Alt Right after its platform has been used by so many people with so many different perspectives. The second one involves the way in which dedicated Alt Right activists are supposed to treat those who go beyond the definition of the Alt Right. It is the purpose of this essay to address these issues.

Since the absence of Establishment infrastructure and professional support in the Alt Right bears the analogy to guerrilla warfare, it becomes necessary to understand how guerrilla warfare works. It does not work by confronting a superior force in a set-piece battle. It means gathering support until you have the capacity to stage a revolution. Until the Alt Right gains acceptance in circles more prominent than the Web, it will continue to be a mainly virtual phenomenon.While this virtual phenomenon takes place, it wins hearts and minds one by one, with people more and more seeking the truth beyond what the Establishment tells them. This is all well and good, but this leaves out a key demographic: Normies.

Normies are the swing-voter, the ones who swim with the tide. They are the ones who decide the election results and are the ones who thereby serve as a firewall against the radicals on either end of the political spectrum. Normies are also the ones with the best jobs, the ones who are comfortably in the passenger seat of mainstream culture, and also the ones who have the least rocky relationships. Without Normie acquiescence, you will see any revolution be sidelined.

You will see the Alt Right defamed in the mainstream using every single invective possible. Since you have reached no Normies, then liberal egalitarianism will continue to be the paradigm from which all invectives are thrown. Thus the mainstream will hurl racist, supremacist, Nazi, and un-American. And because Normies have not yet experienced the end of the dominant paradigm in their own lives, they will join the mainstream in defaming you. The Alt Right will go nowhere.

It is important, then, not to alienate those you need to win over to the cause if you want a real victory. There is simply no way you can win without them. If you engage in LARPy attacks every time someone disagrees with you, then you will continue the alienating process. What we want is to co-opt part of the Establishment, not engage in a set-piece battle against every single one of them. In such an event, our guerrilla army will surely lose.

Great Men Can Slay Today’s Narcissism

Anyone with a modicum of humility would have to admit that there are people who possess superiority over them. This superiority could be physical, intellectual, or moral. But there is a defining lack of the acknowledgement of this reality among the political class these days. It is easy to find case after case of narcissism and excuse-mongering for so many individuals and groups of people, that it is hard to distinguish the truly exceptional in our society.

Within this worship of the self and the excuse-mongering of the lowly, we must find a new way of dealing with cultural organization. Actually, it is not so much new as old. But in our zeitgeist, the old has been dismissed to the point of, at best, irrelevancy or, at worst, depravity. But we shall search again for inspiration.

That inspiration has to come from something or, indeed, someone higher than us, or it is to be dreaded that narcissism and excuse-mongering will once again begin to take hold and rule over us. It becomes incumbent upon us in gaining inspiration for our own human lives to look for inspiration from higher human beings. Indeed, we might call them overmen, as Nietzsche would have termed them, or we may simply call them Great Men, as Thomas Carlyle would have put it.

Since our inspiration always comes from things that have occurred in the past, as the future is always a reconfiguration of the past, then we must learn from history. History can be told as a complicated story involving an infinite set of conditions and possibilities, or it can be condensed into the records of the lives of those who have driven history. Carlyle said that events would not have occurred had there not been Great Men to drive them in certain directions. Indeed, without those Great Men, the chaos at the bottom would never have been ordered by superior minds at the top.

Carlyle makes a point to say that words have a way of magically imposing upon the material world an order signified by the words. So we can see orators and poets working their incantations throughout history.

In order to strive for higher lives, therefore, we can study the words of the Great Men who have faced battles similar to ours. Doing so involves a lot of humility on our part. It involves placing ourselves into the role of, at best, the apprentice and, at worst, the slave. We must assiduously study the ways of our masters and be able to follow their grand designs for our future. The Book of Wisdom says that pride comes before the fall. Let us not so easily succumb to the narcissism of our day.

The Mountains Came to Muhammad, but Elon Musk Went to Mars

We People of the North, those who have traversed the Caucuses Mountains, have undergone spiritual loss recently. Our peaks became valleys of despair. War after war turned into quagmire, and social advancement was impugned as a moral wrong.

No longer. Elon Musk has thrown down the gauntlet and has rededicated the Northern spirit to a great task. The Caucuses, Ice Age, and Black Death were temporary setbacks that tested our fitness for the future tasks. Multiculturalism, globalism, and degeneracy now plague us. Going to Mars is our new task. Those who would stand in our way in traversing this frontier, the frontier of planets, will simply have to step aside, or cower as we display our heroic will.

Those who rule us want us to sacrifice our biological capacity for a lesser future. But we as those who survived the Mountains will march toward an even greater future.